The City of Chicago encourages all applicants to submit streamlined 6(b) property tax incentive applications and/or environmental reimbursement grant applications along with all associated documents required for each application by 5:00 PM, Friday, May 31, 2019 to allow sufficient time for review and processing. Applicants should submit complete applications and required documentation (e.g. site plans, project budgets, receipts, economic disclosures, etc.) before May 31, 2019 to allow the City sufficient time to evaluate and respond to applications before these pilot programs expire on August 1, 2019.


    All applications remain subject to review by the City, in its discretion. Any applications still pending after this date will not be approved.


    The City of Chicago and Cook County created the Industrial Growth Zones program to make industrial development faster, simpler, and easier.


    Property owners, developers, and industrial businesses located in the Zones are eligible for benefits.




    1. Get assistance gathering critical site information and marketing their site
    2. Apply for grants to cover the cost of environmental assessments and remediation



    1. Review environmental information for sites enrolled for development
    2. Access a dedicated concierge to serve as the single point of contact to expedite permitting and any governmental assistance
  • Property Owners

    Industrial Growth Zones help property owners prepare their site for development

  • Enter an address to determine if a site is located in an Industrial Growth Zone

  • Assistance for enrolled sites includes

    • MARKETING: Your site promoted on the Growth Zones web mapping tool
    • INFORMATION GATHERING: A dedicated point person who will help assemble critical information for potential developers, including zoning, utilities, financial and environmental information, and more
    • GRANTS: Up to $130,000 in grants to conduct environmental assessments and remediation (up to $5,000 to update a Phase I ESA, $25,000 to conduct a Phase II ESA, and $100,000 for necessary environmental remediation for a confirmed project)


  • Businesses & Developers

    Industrial Growth Zones help industrial businesses and developers identify the best suited sites for development, expedite permitting, and get access to potential financial assistance.

  • find enrolled sites

  • Specific assistance for projects in Growth Zones may include


    • INFORMATION ON ENROLLED SITES: Zoning, utilities, financial and environmental information, and more
    • SINGLE POINT-OF-CONTACT CONCIERGE: Will accelerate and assist with issuance of permits, licenses, inspections and financial incentives
    • STREAMLINED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Expedited application for the “Class 6b” property tax abatement
    • WORKFORCE ASSISTANCE: including applicant recruitment, screening and training

  • Request Concierge Service for a project

  • Resources

    Interested property owners, developers, and industrial businesses:

    If you're an eligible property owner:

    If you're an eligible business or developer:

    If your site is enrolled, or your project is registered, and you're eligible for reimbursement:

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  • Thanks

    The City of Chicago & Cook County would like to sincerely thank the Civic Consulting Alliance, the Zeno Group, and World Business Chicago for their invaluable contribution of time and energy toward the creation of this program.